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HP Crusher Backing compound

100% solids epoxy compound having high compressive strength and impact resistance for backing wear plates in primary crushers, large gyratory crushers and cone crushers for extreme heavy duty crushing. It is safer and more economical than conventional zinc backing. Also used for grouting of new machinery or replacing old grouts for making solid and perfect foundations, which resist high loads and vibration.

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HP Crusher Backing compound

Technical Data
Tensile Strength, MPa 34
Compressive strength, MPa 63
Hardness, Shore D 87
Maximum Operating Temperature, 0C 105
Mixing Ratio By volume, (R : H) 17.8 (R) : 1 (H)
By weight, (R : H) 10.7 (R) : 1 (H)
Pot life at 30 °C , minutes 20
Full cure at 30 0C , hours 6
Colour Red
Coverage, in3 224


As a backing compound

  • Cone crusher
  • Large gyratory crusher
  • Primary crusher

As a grouting compound

  • Pump
  • Compressor
  • Generator

Pack Size

  • 8.2 Kg, 6 Ltr.
  • 25 Kg, 18 Ltr.

Surface Preparation :

All metallic parts should be free of rust, dirt, grease, oil etc., Seal all voids and gaps to prevent leakage. Coat bowl liners, threaded portions with '" Unnathi' ‘ Release Agent for easy removal.

Mixing :

Stir Resin box individually for at least 3 minutes using slow speed stirrer to disperse any settlement that may have taken place during storage. Add entire contents of Hardener slowly but continuously to Resin while simultaneously stirring the Resin. Move stirrer up, down and around the sides of container till achievement of uniform colour.

Application :

Pour mixture from one place to fill the cavity to avoid air gaps. Use tin sheet or cardboard to direct the flow if required. Repeat the procedure for succeeding kits.