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Rubber Rubber Humps wholesalers

We offer road humps in Bangalore that are used to slow down the motorists and not to deter their passage. It helps to control traffic speeds by threatening severe discomfort to the driver and can even cause a problem if one crosses them at a high speed. We offer such kind o road humps that are convenient in crossing and are not smooth.

Price: 1650 - 2450 + TAX | Pack Size: 1 Meter
UNNATHI | Product Number:RRH75MM

Rubber Rubber Humps wholesalers

Our range of speed bumps and rumbler's are made from superior quality rubber. These humps are highly resistant to various impacts and brutal weather conditions. The modular and compact design makes them easy to install. We have affixed night vision reflectors and glass metals on both sides of humps.

Characteristics :

  • No speed humps shall be kept on-road in nonurban areas.
  • The width of the hump should be minimum of 3.7m. It must have a parabolic shape with a top height of 0.1m at the peak
  • The faces of the humps shall be painted with 200 mm wide black and white lines at 45º slopes.
  • Available with yellow and black color, which enhances visibility Speed bumpers are designed for proper drainage.

Available in :

  • Size : 500X420X75 MM - Rubber Road Hump
  • Size : 500X350X50 MM - Road Speed Breakers
  • Size : 250X350X50 MM - Heavy Duty Speed Berakers
  • Size : 500X400X50 MM - Main Gate Speed Breaker
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