About Unnathi Suppliers

Established in the year 2005, Unnathi Suppliers is engaged in manufacturing, supplying of safety and construction maintenance products and industrial safety signage. Under the profound guidance of Mr. H. Venkatesh Bargur,
The versatility of these traffic safety products is impressive, as they can be deployed in a multitude of applications, from cordoning off construction zones and blocked-off roads to designating no-parking areas and delineating traffic patterns. The bright, reflective surfaces of the cones and barricades immediately catch the eye, alerting drivers to potential hazards and guiding them to safe, designated paths. For added visibility, some models even incorporate LED lights that flash or glow, further enhancing their ability to keep roads and work sites secure.


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Unnathi Road Safety is a comprehensive solution for ensuring the safe and efficient flow of traffic on roads, particularly in urban areas like Bangalore, India. At the heart of this system are the various types of traffic cones and safety barricades that serve as crucial visual markers and physical barriers to guide drivers, pedestrians, and construction workers. These sturdy, high-visibility cones come in a range of sizes, colors, and materials - from the classic orange plastic cones to more heavy-duty rubber and PVC versions designed to withstand the rigors of heavy traffic and inclement weather.

Beyond the cones themselves, the Unnathi Road Safety system encompasses a broader suite of traffic safety equipment, including spring-loaded traffic posts, heavy-duty rubber speed humps, and specialized signage to communicate critical information to motorists. These complementary products work in tandem to create a comprehensive safety infrastructure, ensuring that roads remain organized, accessible, and - most importantly - safe for all who use them, whether they are commuting, working, or simply passing through. With a focus on durability, visibility, and adaptability, the Unnathi Road Safety solutions are an essential component in the ongoing effort to improve traffic management and reduce accidents in bustling urban centers like Bangalore.

Catering to diverse industrial needs, our products are widely used by renowned contractors, building owners, architects, etc. We are consistently offering our clients the finest quality comprehensive gamut of products manufactured using leading-edge technologies. Our wide variety of products include maintenance products, safety signage, Marking - road marking, reflective marking, industrial marking and permanent marking; Epoxy flooring - anti skid flooring; Coroguard EPI - corrosion resistant coating, chemical resistant coating, heat resistant; Parking safety - crash barriers, cones, modular barriers and chains and pillar guard; Road safety products - ramp reflectors and car wheel stopper; Sign boards - office internal signage, Specialty products - crusher backing compound, cool coat, wind generators and waterproofing products; Metal repair and ceramic coatings - online leak and arrester/stopper.