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Security Safety

Unnathi Enterprises - is an Engineering, Manufacturing and Contracting Company established in the year 2003 with the motto of Industrial maintenace Products.

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Road Safety

Unnathi Suppliers - is a Trading Company established in the year 2005 with the motto of Industrial , Road safety, UPS and Maintenance products.

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Parking Safety

These road studs can be applied for busy traffic intersections; coastal areas,dangerous and sharp road bends;hilly areas fly-over; and four-lane highways.

Industrial Traffic Safety

We offer high quality road studs that are used for sharp curved roads for road safety. These road studs can be applied for busy traffic intersections.

Road Solar Safety

We offer an exclusive range of industrial products that come with some special features which varies from product to product.

Highway Sign Boards

Road and Traffic Safety 600 MM dia Hexagonal sign board with any Matter,Custom Made Retro Reflective sign board With 3M Sticker with different Color.

Our Range of Products

Road Safety
We offer road humps that are used to slow down the motorists and not to deter their passage.
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Parking Safety
The benefit of these road / Parking marking paints is that they are heavy abrasion resistant of 10 lakh vehicle movement.
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Quick setting epoxy mortar system for permanent repair of damaged floor and concrete surface.
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