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Convex Safety Mirror

Protect your premises with Superior Mirror acrylic convex safety/security mirrors. Made from the finest quality materials, convex mirrors allow 160 degrees of vision. Each mirror comes complete with fully adjustable hardware for quick and easy installation. Acrylic mirrors are durable and shatter-resistant.

Convex Mirror

Ideal for monitoring blind areas and precarious situations in Retail, Convenience Stores, Warehouses, Shipping and Receiving, Offices, Schools, Home Safety. Shatterproof acrylic rectangular and round convex mirrors for increased safety outdoors. Can be used for blind spots in driveways, increase visibility in parking lots or garages, safety for offices, schools, retail stores and more. These Security mirrors are specially designed to withstand the elements throughout the year. Round and rectangular safety mirrors available in multiple diameters. Each safety convex mirror allows for 160 degrees of vision.


are easy to install - they are mounted simply and easily with the brackets provided in the container, just reference our Convex Mirror Installation Guide. The mirrors are equipped with a patented swivel assembly and are adjustable to most any position or angle.


permits you to see around blind corners, over center aisle gondolas, and into hidden corners. DISCOURAGE SHOPLIFTERS who need privacy before they risk a theft. Considered the greatest psychological deterrent by detective agencies, and endorsed by leading chain and department stores.


every minute of the day, and pay for themselves many times over in merchandise saved.

Our Rang of Traffic Safety Convex Mirrors

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