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Parking Pillar Guard wholesale

We offer a premium range of high quality corner guards are made from high impact resistance natural rubber. They are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures. They are mounted onto the edges of the walls in industrial premises. They are suitable for medium and heavy traffic areas as well as moving trolleys. They are a perfect solution for chipped edges in car parks, nursing homes, laboratories, hotel, schools, hospitals, sports areas and multitude of other commercial properties.


  • Specially designed product for basement and any other area having pillars
  • Can applied else where required by the client
  • Special smooth surface on the outside avoids scratches to the vehicles and will not damage the pillar or wall edges
  • Their reflective sticker provides better visibility in the night
  • It can with stand impact
  • Size is standard 900mm
  • Multiple pieces can be joined for more heights
  • Available in yellow and black colour, can be used alternatively for better visual impact

Available in :

  • Material : Solid Rubber
  • Dimension : 900 x 90mm
  • Color : Black with 5 reflector
  • Material : Carbon mixed rubber with GI Channel
  • Dimension : 1 Mtr. H * 130mm W both side
  • color : Black with 3 Band reflector
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