Thermoplastic Marking System
A Hot Application Method

A high quality Thermoplastic Road Marking Powder consisting of light coloured aggregate, heat stable pigments and can easily be applied to form a highly durable marking on all asphalt and concrete surfaces with excellent adhesion, colour fastness, skid resistance and light reflectivity.

Typical Properties


: Yellow / White


: less than 2.15grms. Per cm3

Flash point

: greater than 235C

Softening Point : 95-105C( Ring & Ball) method

Drying time at 32C : less than 10 minutes

Flow Resistance : less than 25% (Cone slump in height after 48 40C)

Aggregate Settlement : none (2hrs. At 200C)


As per MOST Specification

Pack Size:
25 kg. Plastic Bag.

Application Instructions :(Please read general instructions)

Surface Preparation :Asphalt surfaces must be dry, free from dust, grease and loose material. Concrete surface must be dry, clean, free from laitance and dust, loose material, grease and oil. Concrete surfaces previously treated with curing compound must be roughened by slight sand blasting.

Method of Application :

Bright Mark 2002 can be applied by spray or screed application at 170C -190 C Special marking can be applied manually.

  • Set the temperature of the pre-heated kettle so that material temperature is between 170 C - 190C

  • Add one bag at a time while mixing, allow to melt.

  • When kettle is full, mix for few minutes at 170C- 190C

  • Off load hot material to the spraying screed machine pre-heated tank while mixing at 170 - 190C and while using a suitable strainer.

  • Mix material for few minutes at 170C - 19OC

  • Adjust air pressure, nozzle opening, nozzle distance from the surface to give the desired film thickness.

  • Apply glass bead simultaneously over the fresh hot marking.


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