Pack Size

20 Ltrs
A reflective paint which dries with in 15-20 min.

The Cold-Applied Reflective Road Marking Paint available in standard shades of White and Yellow is suitable to be applied over Bitumen/Cement Concrete roads as Road Marking Paint.
The paint marking is retro-reflective and hence during night times, when the headlight beam of a fast moving vehicle falls on the marking, the light is reflected back to the driver due to a physical phenomenon called Retro-reflection. This enables the driver of the vehicle to get alerted even at a reasonable distance and to control the speed of the vehicle comfortably.

It has been field tested on the heavy traffic density roads of New Delhi and found to meet the requirements of Road Marking Paints. It may be cold applied on roads of Bitumen/Cement Concrete to indicate traffic signals like Speed Breakers, Pedestrian Crossings, Path Dividers and Other similar markings. Unlike the Hot melt Thermoplastic Road Marking paints, this has better adhesion over cement concrete surfaces and requires no primer.

  • Type:  Single pack, Cold-Applicable, Air-drying
  • Composition :  Non-saponifiable plasticised Polyblend medium with suitable pigmentation
  • Color : White and Yellow
  • Flash Point : 20oC
  • Volume Solids : Appr. 50%
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness :  200 Microns
  • Wet Film Thickness : 400 Microns
  • Coverage per Ltr :  2 @ 200 micron DFT
  • Retro-Reflection : Medium Glass Beads * BS 6088-d
  • Shape : Spherical [Min.80%]
  • Size : 150-250 microns
  • Refractive Index : 1.5
  • No Pick-up Time [ASTM D 711-94] : 5-7 Minutes
  • Method of Application : By Brush and Spray Application
  • Thinner/Cleaner : IRS-20 [Use of any other solvents may damage the paint]
  • Storage Life : Twelve Months in original sealed container
  • Surface condition : Dry Surface free from Dust, Sand, Oils and Grease
  • Precautions/Limitations : Avoid application process when temperature falls below 10C or rises above 50C and when relative humidity rises above 90%. Do not apply during rain, fog or mist.
Note : Surface application of 300 to 400 gms. /Sq.M is recommended for maximum reflectivity and durability.

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