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Epoxy Color Pigments

The color pigments are available in a whole range of colors and can be applied in both small and large mixes.


Epoxy Resins and Polyimide Hardeners for Industrial use, Epoxy Coating and Epoxy Floor Coating Manufacturers as per the Clients Requirement.

We offer various kinds and wide range of epoxy coating as per the requirements of our clients. Our range of epoxy coatings can be applied on different sorts of equipments as well as different kinds of structures. These epoxy coatings can be made available to our clients in different colors. It can serve the needs of various areas in an efficient manner as it is heat, dust and corrosion resistant. Some of the epoxy coatings that are available with us are as follows:

100% solids, solvent free anti-corrosion epoxy coating for protecting steel structural subject to severe corrosive environment. The Coroguard EPI Epoxy coating provides a durable smooth finish having excellent weather proof resistance and also resistant to saline, moisture, water, acids & alkalis.

Epoxy and Chemical Resistant Coating


We provide solid epoxy and polyurethane based chemical resistant coating. The chemical resistant coating is 100% solid and is used to protect steel, chemical concrete and other structural materials. It provides resistance from non-oxidizing acids and alkaline and that is why it can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Chemical Resistant Coating

Epoxy floor Coating is useful in many industries like Pharmacy Industries, manufacturing industry, engineering industry and is widely used in Auto Garage, Parking Area, Auto Showroom, Textile Industry, Chemical Industries, Glass Industry, Oil Industry, shopping malls, big hotels etc. It is abrasion resistant and has a very good finishing look. It is also available in different colors. The epoxy flooring range that is available with us is as follow:

We provide industrial epoxy flooring which is made up of non solvent based self leveling flooring material that are used in processing and manufacturing industries. They are available in all major colors like gloss and mat finish. The good point about epoxy flooring is that it has the best aesthetic appearance. The self leveling EPI of epoxy flooring is around 1 MM to 2MM thick and is widely used in for office, pharmaceuticals, shopping Malls and storage areas.

Extremely easy to clean, seamless hard wearing epoxy floor coat that produce attractive aesthetic resistance to abrasion and to a appearance. Ideally suited for areas where high degree of cleanliness are required. Exceptional wide range of chemicals.

Quick setting epoxy mortar system for permanent repair of damaged floor and concrete surface. It has compressive strength more than 3 times the typical concrete strength and bonds well to old or new concrete. It can be used over metal substrates in few applications as abrasion resistant coating.


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